Winter rolls in and so do the parking tickets

PORTLAND – The first big snow storm of the season hit Maine this past week and, according to the National Weather Service, two-thirds of the state is now covered with more than 16 inches of the white stuff. But hang on, more is on the way.


The other sure sign of winter is the number of overnight parking bans and the soon-to-be-full alternate parking lots. The city of Portland alone has to clear 320 miles of roads each time there is a storm.

Cars that are left overnight on the streets, once a ban has been announced, are quickly towed to an impound lot, and it’s not inexpensive.

The cost to retrieve a vehicle, after fines and fees, average about $250, and yes, in the state’s most populated city, 72 vehicles were ticketed and towed during the last storm.

David Arenstam

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