Still lighting the way

Nubble Light

(Photo – Sandra Wescott)

CAPE NEDDICK –  One of the most beautiful and picturesque lighthouses in the northeast is just some 20 minutes north of Portsmouth, in York, Maine. Nubble Light, or Cape Neddick Station, has been lighting the way for mariners since it was built in 1879 for $15,000.

The lighthouse is located at Sohier Park and at this point in its history, the lighthouse is not accessible by the public. Thousands of people come to the park every year to photograph the light, and our own Sandra Wescott went there and took one of the most stunning photos ever of the light and the surrounding shoreline.

The light sits at the top of a 41-foot tower, 88 feet above the high water mark, and the tower was originally painted a reddish-brown. In 1902 it was painted white, and the light and remains that color today.

The tower is 13’ in diameter, built of brick, and about 18” thick, and reinforced by an outer shell of iron sheathing. The original bell tower was taken down in 1961.

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