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SACO – If there was an app designed for doing your exercise for you, I bet you’d have downloaded it already and your smartphones would be busy working out like little demons .  The amount of health and fitness apps people introduce me to is amazing.

It seems like a waste of valuable time looking for some type of justification to that horrific overly processed protein bar they just ate. If it hasn’t been invented yet, I’d like to have the first app that tells you to get up and move!  Let’s call it Linda’s Lunge from the Couch.

A signal would sound every few hours, kind of like an alarm on a sinking ship, telling you that all your sitting around is decreasing the quality of your life!

People average 9.3 hours a day sitting!  (Really – I didn’t just make that up) I don’t even sleep that long!  I’ve heard sitting described as the ‘smoking’ for this generation.  Health studies have already concluded that sitting is hazardous to your health.  It decreases your metabolism, has an impact on heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and breast and colon cancer.  Wow!  Just from sitting on your tushie!

This all brings me to my favorite subject – FOOD.  I know, it’s not a good transition, but go with it. I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the connection between your mind and body, and your daily intake of calories.  The number of people who don’t make the connection between what they put in their bodies and how their bodies feel is disturbing.  It must be the couch working on their gray-matter.

How about trying mindful eating – slow down, take a deep breath, have lunch. The rushing around and eating on the go is confusing the signals in our brains that tell us when we are hungry or full. Satisfied or not, food does seem to have power over us.

It really doesn’t block painful emotions, stop boredom, or help us to be socially connected.  Food is functional!    It’s to supply the body with nutrients and fuel.  If you pay attention, it will actually connect you to yourself! The practice of mindfulness is necessary in order to change your relationship with food.  So maybe during your next meal, take a moment to see, smell, touch, and hear your food.  Notice what you are feeling.

Pay attention after the meal and examine your feelings again.  Be aware of reaching for seconds, needing to have something sweet afterwards, or any discomfort that arises.  After all, these might not be signals for more food, but rather, a sign that something on a deeper level needs to be addressed. No amount of food will reveal the issue; it will just stay stuffed inside.

…’lest we forget how fragile we are…’


Keep moving … Linda