Sometimes Slower is Better – Bike to Work Day

SACO – Cities and cycling enthusiasts across the nation have named May as the “Bike to Work” month, and Friday, May 16, the city of Portland and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine decided to join the fun.

As someone who admittedly already has a close relationship with his bike, I decided to join them. As a teacher, I have a book bag, computer, and dozens of papers that often make their way home with me. It takes a bit of logistical gymnastics to figure out how everything is going to get home.   Bike-TA-2

But it’s worth it. Don’t tell anyone, but I actually saw a pair of Baltimore Orioles as I tucked in my shoelaces and strapped on my helmet.

This morning it was chilly (probably no more than 45 degrees) but it was dry and the roads were clear. I was once again reminded that sometimes it’s better to see the world go by at 15 miles-per-hour. I heard the birds singing. the sun and my movement warmed me – I smiled.

The ride to school took no more than 35 minutes, but I had time. I thought about a student who is battling cancer and a student who recently lost their father. I thought about my writing – this entry, and I thought about my family. For whatever reason, my time on the bike helps me think.

Living in Maine, I know it’s impossible (or at least for me it’s impossible) to ride to work every day, but I am going to try and make the majority of my commuting hours, hours spent on two wheels. Why don’t you come along?

David Arenstam

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