Moving south along the California coast

Lake_Wohlford_Escondido_CA-450Another day spent in front of the computer. I don’t want to say it too loud, but I’m finding a rhythm and it seems to help. Today the storyline moved down the California coast and settled into the area near Lake Wohlford (just east of Escondido). I should be here for a few days and then on to the aviation training center at Fort Rucker. Thanks for staying with us.

Today’s favorite sentences: The smell of sweat and diesel fuel from the worn, wool jacket filled his nose and it was almost like he was on the ship again. His body seemed to instinctively relax and he knew that in minutes, he’d be asleep. He heard someone sit in the seat next to him, but didn’t bother to open his eyes, and as the train rolled slowly from the station, he thought, “I made it. I’m going home.”

See you tomorrow.

David Arenstam

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