Snow day means another writing day

Saco – Another 12 inches of snow, another day to spend working toward the publication of my novel, Homecoming. Here’s a draft of the overview for the back cover. I hope you like it.


Homecoming Overview:

In 1967 and 1968 the Vietnam War affects almost every corner of the country and for the men who serve in the Aerial Rocket Artillery division of the historic 1st Cavalry, every mission is a reminder of their duty and of the uncertainty of coming home. Pilots and their crews bond as men in war often do and for two soldiers, that connection is the difference between life and death.

Bobby Connelly, a boy from California barely out of his teens, is a natural pilot and for as long as he can remember, he’s wondered about the joys of flight. In Vietnam, as an Army Warrant Officer and helicopter pilot, he was given the gift of flight. His crew chief, Russell Warriner, couldn’t be more different. Born and raised in the hills of Western Massachusetts, Warriner dreams of working around heavy machinery and spending his days in the small towns surrounding the Berkshires. The Army promised him that if he gave them a year in Vietnam, his future would be set. During the early hours of February 4, 1968, as the Tet Offensive thundered around him, he wasn’t sure that was ever going to happen.

The margin between life and death for soldiers like them can often be as thin or mysterious as the dismal gray fog and mist that routinely lingers over the jungle treetops surrounding their makeshift airbase in the north. For Connelly and Warriner, a single mission, a routine call for help on that fateful day would forever link their spirits, and for one of them, the mysterious strength of that life-force, a force that somehow goes back generations, would help them live to see another day. But would it bring them home?

David Arenstam

About David Arenstam

Originally from away, but here to stay - Maine is my home and I love writing stories about the people and places from my end of the state. I am a teacher and writer and my first novel, "Homecoming: A Soldier's Story of Loyalty, Courage, and Redemption" is available now at