Biking and back roads – the best way to see Maine

BUXTON  – After a long and often dreary spring filled with showers and cloudy days, it has been a great summer. I know the summer is not over, but when the temperature manages to reach the lower 40’s in the morning, it’s time to at least cast an eye toward the fall.

But before that happens, I wanted to pass on another reminder to get outside and see the beauty and wonder of the state we live in. And I think one of the best ways to do that is on a bicycle.

A near-perfect rest stop on one of the back roads in Buxton.

I know, I tend to have an irrational love for all things that are pedaled and roll along on two wheels, but if cyclists who find their way to a stretch of back road or one of the many sections of the Eastern Trail, are rarely disappointed.

Morning, noon, or sometime before dusk, it almost doesn’t matter. The best thing about riding in Maine is the combination of natural and agricultural views that are readily available.

Take a ride along the shore in the early morning – roll across marshes or completely off-road section of the Eastern Trail at noontime, or better yet, witness the countryside quiet down as you and a friend ride through wooded sections of York County.

If you happen to take my advice and go for a spin here are five things I’d like you to remember.

  • Wear a helmet – you only have one brain and on most days, it’s needed.
  • Carry your cell-phone for pictures and emergencies. I think it goes without saying that you should not try to send a text message while riding, and yes, I have seen cyclists do this!
  • Carry some water and a few dollars – It doesn’t hurt your exercise plan to stop once in a while and just take in the view.
  • Lights and reflective gear help. In most cases, you won’t win if you come in contact with a car or truck. Take it from one who knows. It hurts to hit the curb or pavement.
  • Smile – This is meant to be fun.

Enjoy the day and for more information on the trails and roads throughout the state check out this website:

See you out there.


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