Goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year

SACO – I know this sounds trivial and even a bit like whining, but I can’t believe the summer is in the rear view mirror. For those of us who are teachers, that means it’s time to greet students and get ready for another school year.

I couldn’t be happier. Truth be told, I chose to become a teacher after spending nearly 20 years owning and operating a small software firm. Don’t get me wrong, I loved almost every second of that, but when our company was sold, I was given a gift, and I had the chance to decide what the second act of my life would look like.

Now, a little more than a decade later, I know I made the right decision. But enough of this.

This year, after a decade of teaching Maine high school students, I hope to document a year in the classroom. I hope to share the struggles, the successes, the fun, and the joy that often happens in my classes. I don’t plan to use any real names but when I add a story or two, I promise, the details and the anecdotes will all be true.

So now it’s on to the story and what happened on the first day of real classes … Mostly, that is time to say hello to old friends and students who may have been in my class last year. It’s a time to reconnect with colleagues and discuss the way in which my curriculum will change. It might even be the first time I try to use a specific piece of technology in the classroom.

I am teaching five classes this year and that means I get to meet more than 100 new students and try to remember some of their names. The only promise I made was that within a few weeks, I might know most of them, but there was also this warning.

“If I happen to stare at you with this dumb look on my face, it just means I am trying to remember if it’s Frank or Fred.”

Anyway, I hope you come back often as I travel through the school year. As I tell my students, “It’ll be interesting and with any kind of luck, it’ll be fun too.”

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