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Saco’s Stackpole Bridge is literally history etched in stone

By Inga Browne, Contributing Writer   SACO – What makes Saco such a special community? Why have we chosen to live here? Perhaps it’s the schools and the strong family values. Perhaps it’s the city’s diverse geography and broad range of living experiences. These span from the oceanside community, the historic mill complex, the downtown with […]

60 days later … have you done anything yet?

I’ve been waiting; we’ve all been waiting. On Thursday, October 17, at about 12:30 a.m. President Obama signed new legislation for the temporary spending plan that was passed by both the House and Senate. Passage of this agreement, after 16 days of arguing and fighting, funded the government for approximately 90 days. It allowed furloughed […]

Legislature considers expanding liquor sales

AUGUSTA – The legislature is in session and as normally happens, the state’s lawmakers are wrestling with the budget, safety in the schools, and taxes, but Rep. Paul Gilbert would like them to think about one more thing. Legislators heard testimony on January 30 from Gilbert and others urging them to expand the legal start […]